Customising the Right-Click Menu

But if you want to add or subtract to it, you have some limited flexibility to edit the macOS context menu.

How To Customise The Right-Click Menu in Mac OS X

You can use a System Preferences pane to add and remove Services from the context menu. Click on the Apple menu and open the System Preferences application. This will reveal a list of all available services, sorted into basic categories based on the type of input the services operate upon. As you might expect, you can use the check boxes to toggle the visibility of the connected services.

Create Context Menu Items in Mac Finder

Some Applications automatically turn on their own services, and you can use the check boxes to turn them off. You might find a few useful services here that you never knew about. If you have a lot of Services or you use them frequently, using the secondary menu can be annoying.

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The number at the end of the command represents the number of items required to create the Services submenu. You can some limited customization options you can take advantage of here, either to remove duplicates or specifically change entries. Thanks for this!

How to Edit the Context Menu in macOS

Very helpful. I think it has been a deliberate decision by Apple not to provide ways to clutter the context menu in the ways Windows programs often do.

However, whether entries to the context menu are nested within a sub-menu depends on the number of services. I currently have four items available in the top-level of the context menu.

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IIRC, they only get nested once you have 5 or more, so you could try and remove some unneeded services. Cool guide, thanks! One issue though: this doesn't work quite right if your filename has spaces.

Show and hide services

And, just a personal preference: I find that having to manually decide whether I want to "Open" or "Add" is tedious especially since it means I have two keyboard shortcuts instead of one. When I select a folder in For example, if preparing a PyQt5 app to install on Mac, I'd like to include a script that will add 'open with my app' to the finder context menu for certain file types. Doesn't matter if the user has to manually run the script, as long as it's simple for them. For Windows I do it by adding items to the registry, which is scriptable in several ways including a python winreg module.

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  • Many, if not most of macOS applications, include the Services sub-menu item on their Application menus. From this sub-menu, you can see and access the services installed on the computer, as well as access the Services preferences in the System Preferences application. The Finder displays a contextual action options for selected items by either control-clicking the objects to summon the contextual menu overlay, or by pressing the Action menu control in the toolbar of a Finder window.

    At the bottom of the Finder contextual menus are available services or the Services sub-menu, which by default is displayed if more than five 5 services are available for the current selection.