eGPU Experience with OSX 10.12 and Thunderbolt 2

You can use High Sierra as well, but the latest OS offers a simpler way to choose which apps use the external eGPU hardware when it is connected. Before you begin we recommend that you back up your Mac. As you will see from the next step, if everything goes wrong you may need to reinstall MacOS, losing all your data in the process.

When we first set up our Mac to work with an eGPU it was necessary to download and install a patch.

Go Faster: Using External Video Cards in After Effects

That said, we did find it necessary to disable system integrity protection and run a script to alter macOS. However, you no longer need to go to these lengths. We recommend you check out this site for more advice as the method may change over time and with subsequent updates to macOS. We were using an old 13in MacBook Pro late model which uses a Thunderbolt 2 interface.

If, like us, you are using an older Macs you are likely to benefit considerably from this upgrade as the old internal GPUs were very slow. As you see, our results are very positive, the eGPU made a big improvement compared to the integrated graphics processor. Not only did it speed up rendering times considerably, but it also allowed us to edit 4K video in real-time with multiple effects applied to the timeline, without skipping frames.

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Unfortunately, not all apps will benefit from the graphics process upgrade as some task solely rely on the CPU processor to run exporting tasks. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic did take advantage of the eGPU performance, but only when we were editing, compositing and colour correcting images. It did not use the eGPU when we were exporting and compressing our images. We recommend that you check whether the app you want to use will benefit from eGPU acceleration before heading to the shops for an eGPU unit.

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DIY Entertainment. Mac Buying Guides. Thanks to Thunderbolt 3 and its high-bandwidth 40Gbps transfer rate, external enclosures can now accommodate high-end graphics cards. There are some caveats to doing this, namely a limited number of supported graphics cards and the high price of getting started for now, anyway.

Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C connector, and appears on the following models:. With all this in place, you should be able to put the graphics card into the enclosure, then plug the enclosure into your Mac for a significant boost in graphical fidelity. However, you may still be limited in how you can use your eGPU.

Massive Power Supply

Not every application you run can take advantage of your eGPU. This is the case with many 3D games and VR applications.

Some applications and games have received patches allowing you to accelerate the built-in display on your iMac or MacBook. You just have to go about it differently. Read More on your Mac. But since most of these enclosures are also compatible with Windows, this might improve in the future. At present, there are only a small number of compatible graphics cards you can use as an eGPU on your Mac. These are all AMD cards, with none of the popular Nvidia cards officially supported at present.

The best Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosures for the 12222 13-inch MacBook Pro

Users over at the eGPU. If you already own an Nvidia card and you want to try, its forums are your friend. Read More. Modern graphics cards suck up a lot of power, with the higher-end cards using significantly more power than the more affordable ones. Power is delivered in watts, but some of that power is dedicated to powering the connected Mac. The size of the graphics card will count too. Your card has to physically fit inside the enclosure, so make sure the two components are compatible in this regard.

If you intend on upgrading the GPU in the future, you might want to buy the best enclosure you can afford rather than the best short-term solution. Some manufacturers aim their enclosures at the Mac market, while others create eGPU solutions with their own brand of Windows laptops. You should always ensure the enclosure you pick is compatible with macOS, though the vast majority will be.